I’ve been needing a new purse for a little while now… my old one (which I loved) was literally shredding. Especially on the handles.
Problem was: I am kind of lacking money right now and purses are a little pricey!

So, I went and took a look at purse patterns on Pinterest and couldn’t find any I really liked. Finally I took a pattern that I’ve already butchered pretty good for a tote bag and changed all the dimensions to be a purse-size bag.


I definitely could point out a lot of problems with it, but overall I like it. I know of several things I would do differently next time to make it a little more functional (make the side pockets shorter, take away the center zipper entirely because I really don’t ever zip it closed anyway, and other tweaks).


However, I used supplies that I already had and leftover fabrics so this was essentially “free” which is awesome. I love the size of it and all the pockets. I am going to make another one to play around with the pattern some more, and then hopefully I’ll be able to make some nice ones for the Etsy store!

Also, if you are curious- the crocheted hand sanitizer holder that is buttoned on the front of it is also something I made. It holds the PocketBac sanitizers from Bath & Body Works perfectly- and having it right there on the front of my purse reminds me to USE it more! I do have some of those available on my Etsy store if you are interested.



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One Response to Purse!

  1. Georgia says:

    That’s lovely, even lovelier that it works out ‘free’!


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