Game Review: Super Panda Adventures


Note: I’m not getting anything for doing this review. I was just playing the game and thought I’d write about it.

Super Panda Adventures!!
This game is WAY better than I expected it to be! Super Panda Adventures is a platform style game where you are a panda knight/samurai kicking butt on your way to save the Princess who was kidnapped by weird robot things who are possibly from space. I know, I know, I’ve already sold you on it right?


Super Panda Adventures does a really good job of slowly adding more and more abilities/powers (sword, magic missiles, ability to grab onto ledges, etc) at just the right pace to keep it interesting. The monsters are difficult in areas, but not so much so that it is frustrating. There is humor, catchy music, and a fun story.


I am playing this game on the PC through Steam, where right now it is $0.99. BlueEagle Productions is the company that developed it.  The keyboard controls for the game were fine, but they do offer controller support so I used my Xbox controller to play it as I just feel like platformers work better with a controller. Personal preference.


Con #1: In a 2 hour play session the game crashed on me twice. Not cool. There are lots of save points so I was able to get back in quickly and not lose much progress, but still annoying. I’m hoping that this is just something specific to my game/computer/whatever and others won’t have this same problem.

Con#2: Graphics. Yes, they are fun and silly… but you couldn’t clean it up a little bit more? This is a great game that I’m having a lot of fun with, but it seems like the graphics should have been a little better quality. I love the bright colors though!

Overall, I am loving it. I told the hubby he should play it.  And if you like platformers, you should try it too! It’s cheap and offers hours of fun 🙂

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2 Responses to Game Review: Super Panda Adventures

  1. gadgethovel says:

    You know I love 2d platformers and this one looks great!


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