Star Trek, Star Wars, and Runny Noses

img_5335 I have been having fun making little pocket Kleenex holders lately with fun fabrics. These are for sale on my Etsy store, but I wanted to highlight them here too… because I think they are kinda awesome and they are SO easy to make!

Check out this fun Star Trek one! I am still loving that I found Star Trek fabric!!


img_5333     img_5334

There are tons of different tutorials all over the internet (just try typing Kleenex holder pattern into a Pinterest search!) so I kind of took what I liked from a few of them and combined them together to make my own.

img_5364Star Wars too!img_5359img_5367img_5360

There are actually LOTS of Star Wars fabrics at JoAnn Fabrics. There are some specific to Rogue One even, but I chose to stick with some classics. img_5327To buy any of these from my Etsy store (please do!) or just to check out some of the other things I have for sale, click here!

img_5324  img_5330  img_5332

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