Easy Wreath DIY

*EDIT- when punching the fabric into the wreath it is easier to do if you leave the plastic on the straw form wreath. It seems counterintuitive, but it really does make it easier.

I love wreaths. I think they can make things more cheerful and are like the “cherry on top” of decorating. So, today I want to show you a super easy way to make a wreath that my super awesome aunt taught me back when I was a little girl!


Isn’t it pretty?

Okay, materials needed:

* Straw form wreath of desired size. You can get one from Amazon (affiliate link) by clicking here: FloraCraft Straw Wreaths, 12-Inch Straw Wreath  Or your local craft store (or sometimes even Walmart) carry them.

Little Ruby by Bonnie & Camille Moda Jelly Roll, Set of 40 2.5x44-inch (6.4x112cm) Precut Cotton Fabric Strips

* Fabric “jelly rolls”. For a 12″ wreath one jelly roll works fine for me, for a 24″ wreath I use 2 jelly rolls… so adjust accordingly based on your wreath size. You can find them on Amazon (affiliate again) here: Jelly Rolls or any fabric store should carry them.

* Something to stab the fabric into the wreath (I know, I’m super technical here, lol!). I use a screwdriver usually. I have used knitting needles but they tend to break thru the fabric.

* If you want a bow, then either fabric to tie a bow on, or a store bought bow. It also looks cute with other things like a little chalkboard sign, a wooden heart, etc… so get creative! (These things I just use the hot glue gun to attach)

Here’s what you do:

Take the fabric strips and cut them into rectangles about 3-4 inches long. Doesn’t have to be exact, or even straight lines. (side tip… it also looks really cool if you use some fancy scissors that have zig zag or other designs in them)

Once you have the fabric cut, just start stabbing them into the wreath wherever you want! Make sure that the colors are evenly spaced out how you like. It’s easy to pull them back out though if you don’t like placement.
img_5073img_5072Bodhi says Hi!IMG_5087.JPGIMG_5089.JPG

And that’s really all there is to it! Like I said, super easy. My aunt was smart to do this project with me because it really is a good one for kids! And it looks so cheerful and cute. I’m going to do another one for Valentines Day with pinks and whites.

Hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to email me with any questions (or pics of your finished wreath!) at thecraftingrogue@gmail.com

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8 Responses to Easy Wreath DIY

  1. Georgia says:

    That’s gorgeous! Where did you hang it? I love the colours you chose!


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  4. Designing Us says:

    I love it! I’ve actually never seen one done that way but now I want one. Did you end up using the entire jelly roll?


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