Game Review: Bardbarian

bardbarian-coverToday I’m talking about Bardbarian which is a fun little game on Steam. It is also available on iOS and Android as well as Google Play. It’s by a company called Treefortress (click here to see the official website for the game). Right now, until Feb 6th it is available on Steam at 50% off so it is only $3.99 (regularly $7.99). It goes on sale a lot so if you miss this sale, I recommend putting it on your wishlist and waiting for the next sale… it’s a good game but I wouldn’t pay full price.


I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this game. Very addictively hilarious. The plot is that you are Brad the Barbarian who is always fighting monsters and protecting the village. One day Brad wakes up and decides he has grown tired of being a barbarian so he transforms his axe into a lute (or rather a fancy electric guitar) and he just plays music. As he plays music it is a tower defense where you are protecting the town crystal.


As you play different jams they become calls for different characters like archer, ninja, mage, etc. who will come and help you and take care of the monsters for you while they circle around you. You move up and down on the board with your circle of guys to stop the monsters from getting past you to the crystal.unnamed

As you play you are collecting money from the monsters you kill and then can use that gold to purchase things that will help you like upgrades to the crystal or things for Brad or upgrades for the people fighting for you. While fighting the monsters, Brad is playing the lute which is creating musical notes that you can use to call another archer or whoever to help you fight or to get a buff or whatever. Just a good time, fun and silly. Very cartoony and bright colors. There are bosses that are unique and funny. And, of course, it has pretty great music too (he is a bard after all!)upgrades

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