Game Review: Torchlight 2

torchlight screenshot 3.png
I know, I know… Torchlight 2 came out back in 2012. However, this is one of my “evergreen games” that I just keep going back to and love, so I had to write about it sometime right?! It’s fun, it’s cheerful, it’s engaging, and it’s one of my favorite games. And I’m not getting any kind of incentives to say that… it’s just that good.

torchlight screenshot 2.png

If you’ve ever played any of the Diablo games, Torchlight is basically a really cartoony version of that. It’s a top-down hack and slash ARPG with fun character classes (such as Berserker, Embermage, and more), adorable pets, multiplayer, and an immersive feel. Sure, it’s an older game now… but to me it stands the test of time. There are also a lot of people in the Steam Workshop community who are continuing to come up with some really great mods to make this game even better (my personal favorite is the different pets that people are coming up with)

torchlight screenshot 4.png

Sadly, the developer Runic Games has announced that they are “burnt out” on the Torchlight series and so there are no plans for a Torchlight 3. I am disappointed, but I also admire them for their honesty in not forcing themselves to make another game just because it’s a successful franchise if they really don’t want to.  If they force it then odds are it wouldn’t be a very good game.


I would definitely recommend giving this game a try. Right now it is available on Steam for $19.99 for both PC and Mac. It’s also available on Origin.
If you are on the fence about this game, last time I checked you can also download a free demo of the game from Runic Games at this link: Torchlight 2 Demo

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2 Responses to Game Review: Torchlight 2

  1. LuckyNum8er7 says:

    I went from Diablo III to this and loved it. Highly recommend for anyone who loves Diablo style hack n slash games


  2. Kim says:

    Love this game – I’ve lost so many hours to it! 🙂


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