Menu Board DIY!

There are SO many ideas on Pinterest for menu boards! If you want a fun, useful craft I definitely recommend looking on there for a menu board idea.

For the menu board I made, I kind of went off of one by The Creative Mama (click here for link). I found her idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cute I wanted to try it for myself. Looking back, I wish that I had started the days lower so they would all be in the blue area… with it being glass in the frame then I would have been able to write with a dry erase marker onto the glass for days that I’m making something new or something I don’t have a laminated card for.  However, I just laminated some blank cards that I could write on with dry erase, so easy fix!

All in all, very easy and fun craft. I got to use some of my much-neglected scrapbooking supplies for making it cute, and it matches the colors of my kitchen better than any store bought menu could have

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One Response to Menu Board DIY!

  1. Designing Us says:

    This was a suggested post at the bottom of your Yoshi post. I saw the board and laughed. I told you before our kitchens would match. I did the same tutorial two years ago, lol. It’s actually on my list to re-do and blog!

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