Game Review: Fort Meow

Are you a cat lover? Are you a puzzle lover? If you answered yes, then you’d like this game. It’s available on the PC (on Steam) for $7.99 and at the App Store. Developed by Upper Class Walrus, you can visit their website at

This game held my attention enough that I stayed up until 2am… and usually I’m a lame person who goes to bed at like 9 or 10. I beat the game in about 2 hours but then I went back through and was trying to get all the Steam achievements, and basically just having fun.

You play a little girl who is going to your grandparents’ house but nobody is home. It’s a huge, dusty, old manor house but everything is in a very cartoon style. You go up to the attic and are trying to read your grandfathers journal but every time you start to read you are basically attacked by cats who want to sit in your lap and distract you from reading. So, your solution is to build a pillow fort. The whole game is levels of building pillow forts to protect you from the cats trying to leap onto you.


Each round you have certain household things you can use like mattresses, lamps, brooms, etc. that you can use to stack up around you to protect yourself within a certain amount of time. It’s all physics based, and different cats have different “abilities”.

fortmeow_001-cropOverall, it’s just a funny, silly, game. You are unraveling the mystery of where your grandparents are and what the heck is going on with all these cats. I was expecting the story to be kind of an afterthought and not all that great… but the story is clever, creative and hilarious. I won’t give spoilers, but it is well done and does draw you in. Great middle of the night laugh-out-loud kind of game.

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One Response to Game Review: Fort Meow

  1. gadgethovel says:

    That looks adorable. Silly, but adorable LOL


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