Lego Dimensions Organization

So I love Lego Dimensions and have a LOT of them… and I also love sewing. Trust me, there is a connection, at least for this post! LOL.

My Lego Dimension stuff was all getting mixed up in a basket and breaking apart and just a big mess. I was thinking about this as I was sewing and getting some thread out of my thread container when a lightbulb went off over my head (not literally). The Lego guys are a pretty close fit to the thread slots in the container! I emptied all the thread from it and started putting the Legos in, and sure enough… pretty good fit! Some of the pieces I had to take the bases off of, but even then I was able to put the base in the same slot with the piece it goes to.Lego Dimensions Organizing.jpg
If you are having the same issue, I’d recommend trying it! I got my thread holder off of amazon at this link: Creative Options Thread Organizer (affiliate link) or you can find similar containers at probably any craft store, possibly even Walmart or someplace.  Bonus to this container that I used is that it’s double sided so I can have things on both sides of it for twice the storage.

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2 Responses to Lego Dimensions Organization

  1. gadgethovel says:

    This is a great idea! They are so easy to lose or break and at this point there’s so many of them that we really need ways to organize. This is a great one!


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