Game Review: Oceanhorn Monster of the Uncharted Seas

Oh. My. Goodness. I am loving this game. And I am not being paid or given anything cool for saying that (although I wouldn’t mind….). I just got this game a couple days ago (thanks Aron1701!) and it’s awesome. If you ever played Zelda Windwaker… it’s kinda like that. And that is probably one of my favorite games ever.

Created by Cornfox & Brothers Ltd. Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas is available on Steam for about $15. I believe it is also available for PS4 and Xbox One, but I don’t know the prices for those. I could see it playing a little better as a console game, although it is awesome on the computer too (have I said awesome enough?). I played with the keyboard and mouse for my first session with it and it worked great, I didn’t have any problems. Then, since I was thinking how Zelda-like it was, I plugged my Xbox controller into the computer and played it that way for my other sessions. Personally I like the controller, but you have to have an adapter to do that on a computer or a special controller like the Steam controller.

The graphics are very cheerful and cartoony. The colors are bright (even in dark dungeons), which I like because it just makes me smile. The main character looks and sounds like a really short 40 year old although I think he’s supposed to be a kid or a teen, but it’s still cute.

The game itself is VERY Zelda. Puzzles, dungeons, secrets, treasure chests, but with some magic too. Each dungeon has a different weapon that you are finding such as bombs, bow & arrows, etc. Actually, I don’t know about the “etc”… haven’t played that far yet, lol! The storytelling is very well done with voice actors and just the right amount of short cut scenes which really draw you in. I am looking forward to playing more to find out the secret of who Oceanhorn is (he looks like a steampunk octopus) and what happened to the main characters parents who mysteriously disappeared. Also, it sounds like there is a sequel in development! Yay!

Bottom line: If you like Zelda, play Oceanhorn! I still need to finish it, only about 5 hours in, but it looks like it’s got about 15+ hours of gameplay… so WELL WORTH $15.


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