Lego Ninjago Amigurumi (Crochet)

For Christmas a good friend of mine requested I make some amigurumi (crochet dolls) for her kids of the Lego Ninjago characters.  I didn’t have a pattern for this, just kind of made it up as I went… but luckily Lego’s are pretty straight forward! I made a total of seven of them, including Pixal (who was fun but challenging).

Sorry I don’t have a pattern to share with you… and due to intellectual property legal stuff I can’t sell these on my store.  However if you were wanting to make some, feel free to email me and I’ll see if I can help!

lego ninjago.jpg

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3 Responses to Lego Ninjago Amigurumi (Crochet)

  1. gadgethovel says:

    These all look amazing! Ninjago on the go!


  2. muizemuis84 says:

    Hi there!

    I really want to make a Ninjago arigumi for a friends Son that is crazy about Ninjago. Could you help me white maybe a pattern or tips hoe to make it. Would be so gratefull!

    Much love Caroline


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