Game Review: Stardew Valley

I mentioned Stardew Valley in my “What I’ve Been Playing This Week” post on Saturday so I thought this would be a good time to talk about it a little more.

Stardew Valley is AWESOME.  At least in my opinion.

It’s a very laid back farming simulation role-playing game by Chucklefish Games.  It’s pretty similar to Harvest Moon if you are familiar with that one. You have a farm, grow crops, tend to animals, build relationships with the townspeople, etc. You can develop romantic relationships and get married. I like that Stardew Valley also has an aspect where you can go into “the mines” and not only mine for ore to craft with, but also there are monsters to fight using your sword or slingshot. To me that just adds one more level to the simulator game that makes it a great game.

Now, obviously it’s not a hardcore fighting game! However, I think we all need to have at least one game in our gaming arsenal for those moments where we are tired, stressed, and just want a peaceful laid back type of game. If you’re looking for that kind of game, give Stardew Valley a try!

This weekend my brother also did a YouTube video of “A Day In Stardew Valley”, so check it out!

Stardew Valley – PS4 [Digital Code]

Steam Gift Card – $20

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