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Do you play Heroes of the Storm? I do! And yesterday they did their mega big patch to Heroes of the Storm 2.0! If you play and haven’t logged in since Monday- you should totally log in. But be prepared for a big patch.

I was very pleasantly surprised with their loot boxes. They have some cool skins and new stuff that they have added and, personally, I think this is a better system than they had before.



I’ve played WoW since launch (13 years ago). The hubby tried it a little bit then and couldn’t really get into it at the time. Now, after 13+ years of marriage (yes, we got married the same year WoW came out, lol), we have gotten a lot better about understanding how to play something together and communicate. We’ve never really been bad at communicating, but playing games together can sometimes be challenging when you aren’t on the same page… and as newlyweds we weren’t really on the same page with a lot of things yet. We have played lots of other games since then together and the other day I was playing WoW and he totally surprised me by mentioning he was thinking of trying it again!? I wasn’t too sure how serious he was, but yesterday he and I were able to sit down together and make some new characters (both Draenei) and play a little in the opening area. It was a blast!

Oh, and PS- I have exercised every day this week so far, and done yoga every day! Eating habits still need a little work (looking at you, frozen pizza that I had while playing WoW) but I am improving.

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Checkbook Covers Done Geek Fleek

I spent pretty much all day yesterday making checkbook covers. That’s something I wasn’t really expecting, lol! I have been working for a little while to come up with a good pattern for making them in a way that I would like, and once I came up with it I kinda just ran with it!

Here’s an example of one of my Batman covers (available on my Etsy store HERE)

I made some for my store in Batman and Star Wars fabrics, and then I made some for myself with some Nintendo fabrics.

I love this Donkey Kong one. Unfortunately Nintendo rules prevent me posting any of their stuff on Etsy.

And another Nintendo one- Zelda!

So those two are mine that I am keeping. I love them so much! I just smile whenever I see them now.

Star Wars is also on the store right now.

Are there any kinds that you would like to see? Any characters/genres/colors that you would like?

And yah… I don’t really use checks very often anymore. But when I do, I want to be stylish.

Batman Cover NO PEN

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My Health Quest Log

I am overweight. Like, a lot. Like, I have to buy clothes in the plus size area. That’s not cool. I used to be thin and healthy… now I am out of breath walking up some stairs.

So, that is going to change! I have had it. And I am going to keep track of how I am doing at changing here on this blog!

I know, this has nothing to do with crafts and geeky things (sorry). However, each Monday I am going to post an update on my health/exercise from the past 7 days. If you don’t want to follow along with this, just skip Mondays and all my regular stuff will be the rest of the week 🙂

Not pretty, right? (especially with a Portal turret apparently aimed at my butt)

The thing is, it wasn’t all that long ago that I was about 80lbs lighter and in a lot better shape. I felt better and, in all modesty, I looked HOT! Now I have this weird double chin thing and who knows how many stomachs are in there. Not hot.

A few weeks ago I started using the treadmill some and was trying to add more protein into my meals and quit sweets and sodas. However, I didn’t actually reduce the size of my meals any and since I wasn’t eating sweets I pretty much let myself eat whatever non-sweet thing I wanted… and I gained 5lbs.

Here’s my plan:

  • Watch my food intake. I know that right now I eat waaaaay too much. We own a food scale for the hubby, so I’m going to start keeping track of how much I am eating.
  • Continue with no sweets or sodas.
  • Limit my intake of non-whole-wheat breads, pastas, and everything else that is so heavenly
  • More protein and fiber with each meal… meaning more meats, fruits, and protein filled stuff like greek yogurt.
  • 3 reasonable sized meals and 1 afternoon snack (snack being something like cottage cheese, celery, fruit, etc… not candy bars)
  • No eating past 7:30pm
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week
  • Yoga every day
  • Track everything with the app MyFitnessPal (I’m clamboAK if anyone would like to friend me!)

A trick I learned for helping when I have cravings is to paint my nails whenever I am really craving something. Give myself a full manicure if I need to, including the bottom and top coats of polish! This not only leaves me with very pretty nails pretty much everyday but also it is exceptionally hard to reach into a bag of chips with wet nails.

Wish me luck!! If you’d like to join me in this challenge leave me a comment or email me at Maybe we can form some kind of accountability group or something?

Thanks for reading!


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Ep. 005 of The Crafting Rogue Podcast: What He Said

Episode 005 of The Crafting Rogue Podcast hosted by Carrie and Todd!

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In this episode Todd and I talk about…
Geeky Things: Wonder Woman comics, Bismarck Comic Con, Cosplay, Voyage of the Basilisk: A Memoir by Lady Trent (A Natural History of Dragons Book 3), and Warhammer
Geeky Craft Corner: iPad Stand/Dry Erase Board. For instructions click here
Video Games: Skyrim, Captain Toad, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Upcoming Holiday: Babe Ruth Day

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Music “Arcade Paradise” provided (with permission) by Scott Holmes

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