Quilted End Table Toppers

My mother-in-law recently requested I quilt some small table toppers for her end tables. I did a simple variation on the log cabin style in the colors of her room. I think they turned out super cute!

table toppers

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Sonic The Hedgehog! For iPhone!


Did you love this game as much as I did as a kid? I bought myself a Sega Genesis as a kid and had it in my room for a while, and I played the heck out of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game!

Well guess what I just found… it’s available on the iPhone!


From what I can tell, it’s the full game. And you can play it for free if you don’t mind ads or you can pay a little to get it ad-free.


As you can see in the picture above, there are two circles on the bottom edges of the screen on the iPhone. These are your controls. It took me a little while to get used to them… and I still wish I had a controller to use instead… but it’s really not that bad of a system.


Overall, awesome. If you played loved this game, you should totally get it on iPhone now. You can thank me later.

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Zelda Bag – For ME!

I finally gave in and made a bag just for me. My favorite game franchise is Zelda, and my favorite Zelda game is Windwaker… so when I found fabric from Zelda Windwaker, I had to make myself something!!


I made it personalized to what I needed too by adding an elastic strap inside so I can stick my water bottle in the bag without it flopping over. Also there are pockets specially measured for my iPhone, chapstick, and other things that I keep in my bags.


And finally, I made the handles have some pretty stitching on them.


I love this bag! I forgot to add a magnetic clasp on the top, but that’s okay. Next time.


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T shirt to Pillow!


I had this t shirt that I loved but was starting to get some holes in it. So what to do? Naturally, I made it into a pillow! Now I can continue to enjoy it 😃


This is super easy easy and fast to do. It’s faster with a sewing machine of course, but really you could hand sew it too.


Measure your pillow form. Mine was about 15″ square. Lay out the shirt flat.


Cut from the bottom through both sides of the shirt (so you will have two pieces of fabric) about 2/3 the height and full width of the pillow. (For me, I cut them to be about 15″ x 10″) make sure the length is the part running along the bottom of the shirt- this way the shirt hem ends up being the hem for you on the back!


Now cut out the main design of the shirt to be the size of the pillow (15″ x 15″ for mine)


Lay the front piece of the pillow (with the design) out flat, facing up. Put one of the back pieces facing down (so right sides together) on top of the pillow on either the top or the bottom where the hemmed portion will be in roughly the middle-ish area of the front piece.


Then do the same with the second piece only from the other side, overlapping the piece you already did. This way once everything is sewn together you will have a pocket to slide the pillow in.

Pin all around the outside, and then sew.


I used a 1/8″ seam allowance and a zig-zag stitch because the fabric is stretchy.


Once everything is stitched, turn the pillowcase right side out and pop your pillow inside it! And you are done!

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