Tekashi 6ix9ine has an even bigger target on his head than ever, now that the U.S. Attorney has just made public exactly how the rapper will help them bring alleged violent gang members down ... yet we've learned his security behind bars isn't being amped up.

Fact is ... the feds believe Tekashi is already safe and secure in the facility he's called home for nearly a year. The joint houses other snitches, all of whom have the same problem ... certain people want to kill many of them and are willing to pay a hefty price to get the job done.

The facility has a unit where a bunch of the snitches live. They spend all of their time with each other ... no other inmates allowed. They have a common area where tables are set up for meals. It's strictly a catering-in unit. Food carts come and go all day.

According to the new legal docs, Tekashi's testimony will be devastating. He'll name names in various alleged crimes, including the July 2018 robbery and kidnapping of Tekashi himself.

He's going to identify which Nine Trey Blood members are attached to various aliases used in incriminating texts. Mind you, prosecutors can't figure this out themselves, so Tekashi's testimony is critical.

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The rapper faced 47 years in prison for his alleged crimes, but he cut a deal in return for his cooperation. Short story, the people he's testifying against would be more than happy if he somehow doesn't make it to testify next week.

We're told when it comes time to go to court, U.S. Marshals will take Tekashi through a secure tunnel to the courthouse ... he'll be under super heavy guard.

One thing's for sure ... the feds don't want another screwup like Epstein, where the guards were literally asleep at the wheel.

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