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Contract research organization (CRO), Synteract announced its acquisition of the human health biometrics business of Clindata, which will see the former company gaining access to the latter’s facilities in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The acquisition aims to answer increasing market demand, since “innovative changes in biometrics are transforming the ways in which clinical study data is collected, integrated and analyzed,” ​commented Synteract CEO, Steve Powell.

“Rich patient data gives researchers insights into disease progression and response to therapy in ways we have not seen before,” ​Powell noted, adding that answering the demand requires the addition of expertise.

On his side, Clindata CEO, Theo Erasmus, said that the acquisition will lead the companies to create ‘a world-class delivery team’ of clinical research services.

Clindata’s offering includes biostatistics, programming and data management services across all phases of drug development, while the company also operates a veterinary division which will remain independent, after its human health division combines with Synteract.

More specifically, Synteract explained that the acquired company’s team holds expertise in providing support on clinical data management, compliance to the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, biostatistics and use of the SAS software, as well as on running Phase I-IV studies across the complementary therapeutic areas of Synteract.

Through the acquisition, Synteract expects to advance its offerings by leveraging Clindata’s ‘experienced’ team of biometrics scientists.

Following the integration of Clindata’s capabilities, the company aims to enhance its biometric services offering, either as part of its dedicated functional service partnership, or as a standalone biometrics service that would augment clients’ in-house capabilities.

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