ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration on Monday extended the ban on launching of housing societies for two more months to counter land grabbing in the federal capital.

The step was taken after it was brought to the notice of the district magistrate that some housing societies, trusts, limited companies and groups were operating in Islamabad in the manner not warranted by the law.

A notification said they allured the citizens by advertising the launching of housing schemes in newspapers, magazines, brochures and booklets.

They also invited membership either in excess of the land available to them or without having any land at all.

This practice results into exposition, fraud, forgery, disputes, offence, law and order problems and massive litigations in courts.

“Speculative transactions also emerge out of the situation which jeopardise the interest of the public and deprive it of its hard earned money, thus creating panic and anxiety in society,” the notification stated.

Under such circumstances, two months’ ban was imposed on any sort of publication regarding launching of any such housing scheme or sale of plots, inviting applications to deposit membership fee or cost of plots without observing all legal and codal formalities unless prior permission was obtained from the office of the district magistrate.

Likewise, the ICT administration also extended the ban on display and exhibition of firearms as the practice was likely to threaten peace and create serious danger to human life and safety of the public.

No person other than members of the armed forces, civilian law enforcement agencies, Rangers and police on duty shall carry firearms or display firearms within the capital territory.

Similarly, the ban was extended on sale, purchase and use of firecrackers and fireworks to avoid disturbance to the public peace and threat to public life, danger to public property, added another notification.

Moreover, the ban was also extended on all kinds of gathering of five or more people, holding processions, rallies and demonstrations at any public place in the capital, including Red Zone.

“After knowing that certain segments of society were planning to organise unlawful assemblies, including majalis/processions which could disrupt peace and tranquility, and keeping in view of the current law and order and security environment the administration extended the ban.”

The ban on using loudspeakers, sound amplifiers and sound systems, except for Azan and Khutaba for Friday prayers was also extended as it was causing nuisance and annoyance to the citizens and antagonising the feeling of other social groups, religious sects which was likely to disturb peace and tranquility, endanger human life and safety or cause a riot or an affray within the capital.

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Meanwhile, the use of cassette players, sound systems, CD/DVD players and other mediums for making any objectionable, sectarian-related speeches and sermons at any place were also banned for another two months.

Activities such as distribution of handbills, pamphlets, carrying out wall-chalking and affixing posters on walls were banned for another two months.

The ban was also extended on digging out stones through blasting as it was likely to threaten public peace and tranquility and create serious danger to human life and safety of the citizens.

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